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LONDON MOBILE MASSAGE with the luxury of natural relax in healing touch for busy, stressed Londoners and tired guests of the city. Professional visiting massage (mobile massage; out call massage) therapy service for men and women with the comfort of your home or hotel room. MEM massage is a relaxing massage that your body like and your mind need.

The philosophy of MASSAGE TAKEAWAY service is Skilled hands, anatomy knowledge, a passion for a pure mind and free spirit,and natural soul. A unique Medicative Energy Massage (MEM) is a type of healing massage combining different techniques and will give you a transcendent tranquility and a deep contentment, as well as invigorating your vital energy sources that support your complete health.

This massage service supports holistic healthcare for your body, mind, and spirit.  Our customers  can enjoy a professional massage session resulting in tender care for all the body, relaxation of the mind, and stimulation of all the vital energies responsible for total health!

Take a time with MASSAGE TAKEAWAY &

Relax TO BE You

LONDON PERSONAL LIFE COACH – visiting face to face coaching with friendly and understanding chat for Relax, Inspiration and Motivation  in the comfortable environment of your home, hotel room or outside (in park , cafe or other public place that suit you).

Everyone has a fire in his soul. Stress, problems, disappointments, doubts and lack of communication expressing our real emotions makes this fire in us almost to stop burning! Free communication with friendly professional coach relax your emotions, free your mind and helps your inner fire to burn more inspiring you to train your body, keeping you concentrated in your goals and living your own success with happiness in life.

Any discomfort is only result of the real problem that we have to solve with calm understanding, belief in the successful result and daily training with motivation!
Together we broke the barriers that hold us hostage mentally, physically, socially and economically!

Listen and Talk with your PERSONAL LIFE COACH TAKEAWAY

Be trained and FEEL GOOD!


Name: Diana Dideko

Massage therapies: Holistic Swedish massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Medicative Energy Massage (MEM), Honey massage, Head massage, Sport Massages.

Coach sessions: Relax, Motivation, Inspiration, Emotional and Physical Training, Listening and Talking to feel good   

Skills: Seminars for Non-Traditional Therapy; Seminars for Cure with Thought Control, Thoughts Visualization Workshop; Self Control Workshop; Touch - Caress Curative Philosophy Workshop; Management Inner Human Energy Workshop.

OUT CALL - Visiting massage Therapist & Personal life Coach

Working Area: London
(1, 2 & 3 travel zones FREE of charge for travel expenses)

Working time: Monday to Sunday; last massage starting time: 21:30

Call or text and check my availability, plan your massage therapy! Booking in advance is advisable.

Have a pro massage at your home or hotel room with the highest quality requirements of clients with refined style for best hotels, sweetest homes and classical luxury services in central LONDON. We always offer LUXURY with professional RELAX care!

Prices massage therapy

1h (60min) - £50

90min  - £70

2h (120min) - £95


Prices personal coaching session

1 h (60 min) - £50

90 min - £ 65

2h (120 min) - £80



Call or Text your address with post code, massage starting time, duration, your name and we will contact you!

If we are busy at the moment and can not answer your call, please feel free to text or leave a message and we will call you back soon!

THANK YOU for being our client!

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